Sunday, April 12, 2009


This happened not far from where I live, that's what I call one bad ass. From the Florence Times Daily, Farm Animal Believed To Have Killed 6' Alligator.
ROGERSVILLE - Jay Cornelius knew his family's donkeys and mules are fearless when it comes to protecting the horses they share a pasture with, but he never dreamed they would take on an alligator.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


What ever happened to summer? After weeks of weather in the 70s; everyone wearing tank tops and flip flops, its frigging cold! The radio said it was in the 20s when I left work this morning with threats of snow flurries today and tonight. It’s almost Easter, this is Alabama for Pete’s sake; it’s supposed to be warm and Good Friday is the traditional day to plant your garden. All the trees are budding, the fruit trees are in full bloom and now they’ll all get frost bitten and there go the fruit crops.

Cold or not, I’m off for the next few days and I’ve got tons of stuff to do. One of the need-to-dos is the yard but that’s gotta wait until the temp rises a few degrees. My new dog (that I rescued from the truck stop parking lot near work) has dragged home all the neighbors’ garbage. He doesn’t get in my trash, just collects stray shoes and clothing and cans from somewhere else and brings it to me. Maybe he thinks that I need more stuff or else it’s all supposed to be presents. Who knows what goes on in his adorable pointy little head?

I’m off now to find something warm to wear and maybe browse a few blogs while doing laundry. Maybe I’ll even visit a few of y’all.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


It’s been one of those weeks, and not in a good way. My allergies have been kicking my ass from all the pollen in the air (yellow dust all over the place, I had to run the wipers to clear my windshield before leaving the house). I’ve got bloodshot eyes and I’ve blew my poor nose so many times that I’ve suffered nose bleeds a couple of times, plus the constant tissue contact has made me look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! Scarlet laced eyes, crimson nose, not a good look for an old woman; plus they don’t go well with the double chin and chipmunk cheeks.

Now that the rain has hit maybe my ruby colored snout will get better. I went grocery shopping in the sunshine and just as I walked out the exit the heavens opened and a solid sheet of rain poured down. I looked like a drowned rat by the time I got to the car and was dripping wet after getting everything in the trunk. The pollen was making golden ripples on top of the water running across the parking lot; I’m hoping that the air has been washed clean as well. I’m home now; the thunder is rolling, the rain is pounding on the roof and the TV is ranting about hail and possible tornadoes. Ah, life in the glorious South.

Tuesday I went to the funeral home for 2 different neighbors. They lived right across the road from each other and died on the same day (who would have thunk it). One had been sick for a long time and the other guy broke his ankle and died from a blood clot. I grew up with their kids and renewed several friendships at the funeral home, not the best place to run up on old friends but what can you do?

I need to go do some housework now, gotta go back to work tomorrow night and when I’m working all I do is work and sleep. I usually cook a lot on my off days and load the fridge so I can grab and go and not eat a lot of takeout. Hope y’all are all well and I’ll try to do better at the blog posting thingy.