Saturday, April 14, 2007


Why is it that every time I take a day’s vacation, bad shit happens?

Example: years ago I had a week of vacation and had plane tickets to go visit a long-term long-distance lover in Saint Petersburg Florida. The day before I was to board the plane Dad fell off the front porch, cracking his skull on the sidewalk, and my entire family wound up spending the week in Birmingham at the hospital praying that he’d be OK. Not saying that I begrudge the time with him or that missing a romantic week with one of the world’s best lovers (a whole ‘nother post in itself!) was more important than family but just as an example. I’ve had vacation plans canceled by Mother Nature, acts of God and disasters of various kinds both large and small.

I took this weekend off for Moulton’s 3rd annual Chicken & Egg Festival, the first summer to-do of the year. Sweet Thang and I were signed up for the Chicken Run (a motorcycle poker run) this morning and I had plans to take the Grandmonster to the shindig later. Some of my favorite local bands are playing this afternoon and I was looking forward to running up on relatives, friends, and old classmates that I only see once in a blue moon while listening to some great jams. What happens? Sweet Thang has to work and the heavens have opened with the worse storm of the year!

So we’re trapped in the house while liquid sunshine streams down the window panes and thunder keeps up a rolling drumbeat. Maybe Old Man Sun will poke his shiny bald head from behind the clouds later on and we’ll be able to go wade in the mud, hopefully catch a few of the bands and let the Grandmonster enjoy the kiddy games. Maybe even see the fireworks planned for tonight but it doesn’t look good; Mother Nature is putting on her own fireworks right now and the Weather Channel shows the entire Southeast under a severe thunderstorm and possible tornado watch.

If it stays dark and dreary, I guess we could always bake cookies.......

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