Saturday, June 06, 2009


Only in New York could a 17 year old girl - in just 24 months time: steal an I-Pod at gun point, steal a dog at gun point and ransom it, assault a small child - and get off with only a slap on the wrist each time. THEN CHEYENNE CHERRY COOKS A LIVE KITTEN TO DEATH IN A HOT OVEN AND GETS OFF WITH NO TIME IN JAIL, AGAIN!
A Bronx teenager roasted her ex-roommate's kitten to death in a stove - then brushed off the incident as a joke when she was busted, authorities said Thursday. "I hate cats," Cheyenne Cherry, 17, allegedly told investigators when asked about the heartless crime ........ in a shocking act of animal abuse, they tossed the woman's kitten, Tiger Lily, into the stove and cranked up the temperature ....... the kitten was burned so badly a necropsy had to be performed to determine its sex.

What are these judges thinking and where are her parents? Cheyenne Cherry's only defense was "it was a joke". My Mom and Dad would have skinned me alive for animal cruelty and they would have flat out killed me (actually, they would have made me wish I was dead) for any kind of robbery, much less armed thuggery. I would have had to beg the cops to keep me in jail, because that would have been safer than going home!

I hope Cheyenne Cherry rots in hell; but I bet before that happens does she'll become one of the few female serial killers or at the very least a child abuser. It's obvious that this teenage she-devil has no morals, no feelings and no sense of right or wrong. Lets hope she never procreates, any child sentenced to have her for a mother wouldn't stand a chance.

I don't think therapy will help this monster and death's too good for her. She should be locked up for the rest of her life so that other's can rest a little easier. You can tell her what you think about her at her MySpace page:

Cheyenne Cherry myspace:


yellowdog granny said...

holy shit...there's a serial killer in the making...judas priest..what an evil kid...

Junebugg said...

I know, it's a sad comment on this world that a teenager could be so cold hearted

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but since her MySpace page was taken down, I think this might be another page of hers:

Anonymous said... This may be Ms. Moron's new website....there is no such town as Flint, Alabama...and I doubt she makes $250,000 a year. What 19 year old does. is another of her new sites. Blast away. We also need to work on Tyler Weinman, he's 19 times as worse as she is....accused of murdering/mutilating over 2 dozen cats in Miami. Let's not forget about him.

debbie said...

she is a sick monster a devil in humane form she needs to be locked away with a bunch of animal lovers to give her the justice she deserves.her brother says she loves animals you call burning an innocent kitten tigerlilly love how dare he sign the petition to give tigerlilly the justice she deserves to have cheyenne-cherry-tried-as-adult

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for karma to come back to this evil soul. I would pleasure in watching her burn alive.

apositivepessimist said...

Okay at first I did get a bit of a chuckle at the holding of the dog fer ransom, thought that was pretty different. But upon further reading I stopped chuckling. WTF!!

"...they tossed the woman's kitten..." mean there wasn't just one sick bitch doing this awful act?

And on a nicer note...Helllloh to yew BamaBugg!

Anonymous said...

i think the nigger should be hung up on a pole and have her head chopped off and placed on a stick and put in center city for display as a warning against people who are cruel to animals,but then again,just another worthless nigger in society

Allan said...

Wow...a porno name and a super-villain attitude, a pretty bad combo, if you ask me. Two thumbscrews down!
I'd like to feed her to my semi-feral house-beasts, but they probably wouldn't touch her flesh, a poisionuous soul ruins the meat it touches...or so I am told.

Jackie Sue recommended your blog to me, she's got good taste!

hair removal nj said...

I read a good story about cheyenne cherry

Anonymous said...

I'm counting the days until I read her obituary...what a worthless excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

You a worthless piece of shit, to do such a thing like that, you are a murder bitch to society. One day we will read about you in the obituary section, but since you will be in jail for one year, then you might get the penalty of being hung or kill. I hope that your family will go to hell.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is awful. This is why vigiliante groups exist to really take care of business. I would gladly join one and do this chick in myself when she's out of jail. I have a nice big oven at home that she should fit in very nicely.

The Whyman said...

What this person has done is certainly atrocious, however we should trust that justice will be done and not exacerbate the situation with "angry mob" mentality.

In researching whether this crime actually occurred I have already found a number of bigoted slurs, melodramatic death threats and the like against Cheyenne Cherry.

While what Cheyenne Cherry has done is inexcusable, she still is human (despite what some of those who hate her would want to believe) therefore needs to be treated with respect as such.

She has been arrested and will have her day in court and will get the help she needs; let those who are qualified to do so decide her fate and not allow this to turn into an emotionally charged pit of hate and ignorance.

After all it was such attitudes which started this mess in the first place.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This girl needs to be put in a mental hospitalfor the rest of her life. She is mentally ill and needs help. No one in their right mind would act like that.

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Anonymous said...

Is this bitch seriously fucked in her right mind yo? What a disgrace to all the niggas from her hood. Bitch Ima fuck you so bad when you get out and hope you never CUNT.

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Anonymous said...

Sociopaths like Cheyenne Cherry make a convincing argument to bring back the practice of "eugenics".....aka: forced sterilization. Otherwise, there is no doubt that she will give birth to future sociopaths who will also torture and kill animals (google: Wilana Joenel Frazier) and quite possibly humans too.

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