Thursday, September 24, 2009


The news wasn’t always bad like it seems to be now now. I'm sorry to say that newspapers just don’t write this kinda story any more. I found this heartwarming romance article in Old Lawrence Reminisces, A journal of Lawrence County, Alabama history and genealogy; September 1993 Volume 7, Number 3 issue. All language and spellings are as written in the article. The Moulton Advertiser is Alabama's oldest existing newspaper. Moulton, I'm proud to say, is my home town.

The Moulton Advertiser Thursday Aug. 30, 1888

Mrs. Julia A Smith was married to Mr. Samuel McCarver in the Evett’s Hotel at this place, on Tuesday of last week Both live near Mt. Home, and both have large families to begin life again with. We learn that how it came to happen was I this wise, which was purely accidental: The groom went over to buy a horse of the bride, and while trading around something was said about matrimony. This one word fired both hearts with an undying love. In an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, two souls had but a single thought and that thought was to have the silken cord tied. In a few moments they were speeding away to Moulton on Wheels, and early in the afternoon Judge Kumpe pronounced them one flesh. “Whom God hath joined together let not man put under.” We forward our congratulations by mail, but shall continue to address the Moulton Advertiser to “Mrs. Julia A. Smith” until further instructions

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