Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I'm such a lucky woman to have friends like BeckyD and her 2 daughters, Newt & Tate, all the way up in Jefferson City, Missouri.

This wonderful family went and made a double batch of snow-cream just for me because I don't have any snow of my own and I was having snow-cream cravings bad. BeckD gives us a blow by blow description of the three's first ever attempt at making that wonderfully sweet, ice-cream-headache-spike causing concoction known as snow-cream.

Y'all go on over and have a taste, it's heavenly! Be sure to tell them that Junebugg sent you.

Thank you, Ladies. If I can ever return the favor (well, a favor of some kind since I very seldom see snow) just let me know.

UPDATE: This link has lots of recipes for you snow-cream virgins out there. Mom always used the one without eggs, but experiment and enjoy you luck devils.


anonymous jones said...

Happy 2007, Buggsy! (Not too much of that snow cream stuff, OK?!) Keep well :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah she said it was a real adventure getting this task done for you but worth it in the end for the memories that the girls will have. I would have loved for her to take pics of it.

yellowdog granny said...

i went and said howdy...
don't think my mother ever used raw eggs..ick..but snow, vanilla and canned milk..was soo good..


only time I had any was when we lived in oklahoma..it was sooo good.