Tuesday, April 29, 2014


One of the wonderful things about living in the rural South, any time a tree falls across the road some Good Ole Boy will show up to help.

I live in an older home and my lawn is covered with grand old massive oak trees, which I love but a high wind always covers the yard with blown down limbs. Last night’s storms and tornados caused the entire top of one to break off and fall across the road in front of my house. All that’s left of the original tree is a 15 foot trunk with no limbs, picture a massive fence post and you got it.

When I posted about it on Facebook last night my niece replied that if it hadn’t been moved out of the road by the time her fiancĂ©’s brother got home this afternoon (who lives down the road from me) he would bring his chain saw and help. This morning another neighbor brought his tractor equipped with a front-end loader and moved the tree out of the road, and this afternoon my nephew Duane (Donna’s eldest) came over and started cutting it up until the rain made him stop.

I’m blessed with wonderful neighbors, friends and family and I wouldn’t take anything for my country life.


Donna said...

That we are. Wouldn't trade our life for anyone's! And I mean that!


Im jealous of your wonderful family, your roots, your hearts...love you all.