Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Welcome to my latest obsession: the website "DAMNED INTERESTING". At least its my favorite for now, until the workplace 'puter police find out about it and block it from the work PC.

Don't just look at the first subject, browse through some of the many and varied offerings; this site has something for everyone. I'll warn ya now, it's almost addictive. You just might find yourself glancing at the clock and being amazed at how time flys by. Interesting and educational, what more can you ask for?


yellowdog granny said...

if it's like stumble upon i am already addicted to it...nitwit turned me on to it..and now all i do is surf through it..i hit one site and it said you have come to the end of the internet, turn off your computer and go outside and play...laughed my ass off..

Anonymous said...

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