Monday, September 23, 2013


They say that when one door closes another one opens. If so then the door to my future looks like one on an episode of the “Twilight one”.

I’ve had a varied career path: secretary for “Uncle Sam“, fast food worker, painter, carpenter, welder. But since 1979 and the age of 23 I’ve worked in Courtland Alabama; first for Champion International Papers and then for International Papers when they bought out Champion.

Now they’re closing our plant. This will make my home the poorest county in Alabama. And at 58 years of age I don’t have any prospects of a decent paying job, I’m not old enough for full retirement nor to draw Social Security. Plus I’ll lose my medical insurance and life insurance.

The future is unsure but I’ll definitely have to change a few things. Like cut off everything but lights and water. And eat beans and rice instead of beef and pork chops. At least my home is paid for and I don’t have towering credit card bills like some people.

Enough wining. Time to put on my big girl panties, suck it up and keep on keeping on.,



I'm so pissed my teeth hurt. You and your sister should open up a quilting shop..teach it and sell the quilts..

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Jozzie said...


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Thanks you guys, it helps to have friends out there

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very cute blog!