Monday, November 10, 2014


Stolen from my sister Donna Waters Evans, keeper of the family genealogy.

In honor of my ancestors who fought that we may be free:*William L. Waters - GGGgrandfather fought during the Civil War in Company “B”, 56th Georgia Infantry; died at the Battle of Vicksburg*John Charles Curnutt - GGGGrandfather fought during the Civil War in Company B, 44th Regiment, Indiana Infantry; died at Sherman Hospital in Nashville, TN*Martin VanBuren Shelton - GGGrandfather fought during the Civil War in Company C, 22nd Georgia Infantry
*Issac James Willingham - GGGrandfather - fought during the Civil War in Company W, 30th Alabama Infantry
*James W. Qualls - GGGGGrandfather fought during the Mexican War in 1st Footed Volunteers - Detachment of Recruits (Co. G & Co. I of the 12th U S Infantry)
*Phillip Meroney - GGGGGrandfather fought during the Revolutionary War in the Maryland Militia
*Abron Wayne Waters - Father - fought during the Korean War in the Air Force
My family has a strong history of serving this country in times of trouble. I am very proud to be an American!

We have tons more veterans in our family, too many to name but I'm proud of them all.
All the pictures below are of my Dad, Wayne "RED" Waters back in the day. Handsome devil that he was, he quit school in the 6th grade but got his diploma while in the service; although he claims that all he really learned was how to cheat at cards.
Love you Dad, miss you and Mom every day.


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