Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Word to the wise~~~pay attention when getting dressed! One of my coworkers is in the hospital, with an IV in his arm and sick as a dog, after getting bit on the ankle by a spider that was lurking in the dark recesses of one of his shoes. Clayton didn't even know he was bit until later when the fever and dizziness hit.

We only have two poisonous spiders in the USA (the link also gives symptoms and treatments) but even so, there are plenty of them! I've been bitten and it ain't no fun! Be careful folks, this reminds me on those horror movies we watched as kids.

Shit! Now I'm gonna have nightmares about giant spiders and turning into the Spiderwoman or getting stuck in a giant web or some such. I'll take Rufus the cat to bed with me, he loves to eat bugs and spiders.......

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