Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Yes children, I'm still here. I bet with my lack of recent posts you wondered if I had suffered from Blogger death. What with long work hours (and no Internet while I'm slaving away in the land of paper mills) and all the ho-hum housework after I stagger home I haven't even checked my email in a while. Real life sucks sometimes.

Here in sunny 'Bama spring has sprung, the temps are in the 70s and yard work is calling my name. Today the grandmonster and I have cleaned up the lawn, creating a massive brush pile of fallen limbs in the process. I still have one limb that's too big to move, time to break out the chainsaw (the sucker is so big I can't even drag it with the riding mower!). I've even planted a sycamore tree on my new property, well Sweet Thang did the digging and sister Donna was in charge of making sure I got it standing straight.

We also have 3 new puppies running around, dang I'm dog-poor! The babies are all black with white markings and cute as heck. I can't get my hands on them to see if they're hes or shes yet but it won't be long before they're underfoot and I'll probably trip over one of them and break my leg or something.

Donna's had a hard time of it lately, shortly after her daughter Wendi's wedding Donna's husband (who already has had 2 stints placed in the past) had another episode with his heart. This time it was a blood clot in the bottom of his heart and chronic heart disease. Luckily they could do drug therapy and didn't have to slice and dice him. The docs say he can live a long and productive life if he takes care of himself, but we all know that he's never gonna quit smoking or eating anything that he wants.

I guess that's it for now. Maybe I'll have something more entertaining to tell before long.

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