Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cowboy Crosses Country on Horseback to Reveal Unseen American Culture

Now this man has my respect! Go and read the entire story.

Weary of the daily drumbeat over war, crime, poverty and assorted social ills, he and his wife are burning through their life savings to tell the stories of hardworking, honest everyday people in rural America. Inman soaks it all in atop Blackie, a 16-year thoroughbred-quarter horse mix who's averaging 20-25
miles a day along backroads from Oregon to North Carolina.


yellowdog granny said...

what a great story...I would love to do that...well, maybe not that far...but maybe from here to dallas..ok..from here to abbot(9 miles away)

anonymous jones said...

That will be the best time of his life.