Friday, December 14, 2007


I had a close call with The Grim Reaper today.

As I was exiting the post office my traffic light was green, but just as I entered the highway some ditzy blonde bitch in a green Ford pickup blew right through the red signal moving well above the speed limit, staring at me the whole time like “What the hell are you doing pulling out in front of me!”

I slammed on the brakes (never let anyone tell you that a front wheel drive car won’t leave black marks) slid sideways and slung all my junk that stays heaped in the backseat into the floorboard. The Ford Floozy just kept on keeping on, never once hitting her brakes or even slowing down. Thank Goodness I was only going about 3 MPH or else there would have been a mating of vehicles and not in a good way.

All I could do was sit there, half in the road and half in the parking lot, trying to get my heart out of my throat and my breathing under control. Luckily I stopped just short of T-boning the Hurrying Harlot but it was too damned close for comfort. I realize everyone is running around like crazy trying to get ready for the holidays but come on people, Safety First and all that. What kinda Christmas is your family gonna have if you’re in the hospital or even worse in the morgue?

In other news: the living room floor is piled up with wrapped presents, the stocking are hung and I have a fine collection of Christmas cards from friends and family. The cats have been playing King of The Mountain on the stacked boxes, shredding paper and unraveling bows to their furry hearts content. Everyone’s been bought for so no more fighting crowds and I actually have several days off next week. Barring schedule changes, I work off Tuesday morning and don’t have to go back until Christmas night. I can’t remember the last time I had Christmas Eve off from work!

Sorry I haven’t visited everyone’s blogs, I can’t do it at work and I haven’t had time what with working OT and trying to get all the shopping done. I promise to get around to everyone as soon as possible, but until then know that I’m thinking of you all and wishing y’all a Merry (and safe) Christmas.


Ol' Lady said...

WHEW!!! I'm very happy that your o.k. I guess that proves your heart is in pretty good condition :)
Hope you enjoy your time off...some rest is probably due but I'm sure you'll have to wait till ya return to work for that :)

Mimi said...

What a scare. We all have those "almost" accidents. But some are truly scarier than others. I am very glad you are okay.

Glad you got Christmas eve off!!!!!

yellowdog granny said...

holy shit..Me..being the psycho that I am would have followed her and made her stop the car and drug her ass out of the car and kicked the shit out of her...judas priest..

everytime I think I have all the gifts bought..I remember the christmas card..I am still trying to get your present to you before christmas..but they are stalling me...bastids...

Ananke said...

Ugh, why is it that the assholes who almost hit us are the ones who think WE'RE in the wrong??? Glad you didn't get hurt and that dipshit needs a good smack upside the head AND some driving lessons.