Thursday, December 20, 2007


Now I know I’m getting old.

After spending several hours in the floor surrounded by wrapping paper and bows, I found that I couldn’t just get up like I used to. Damned if I didn’t have to get on my hands and knees before I could struggle upright and on my feet! I go to the gym, I do setups and all that other crap, why the hell did my tired old bones lockup after hunkering down on the carpet? I was OK once I was standing, but gravity had me glued to the floor. It was like there was a big magnet sucking my fat ass downward every time I tried to stand up.

The cats seemed to get a kick out of it; they circled me meowing either encouragement or insults, I couldn’t tell which. I shoulda chunked them both up against the wall before I got up off the floor, just to teach them not to laugh at the person responsible for filling the food dish and emptying the litter box. Thank God no one else was around to witness my decent into feebleness or else I never would have heard the end of it (I know y’all won’t tell anyone!).

Guess I need to take up yoga or something to help on my flexibility. There aren’t any classes here in the boonies but I can get a CD and entertain the pussies some more. Thank goodness there aren’t anymore presents to wrap; I’m not sure I can go through anymore humiliation this week.


yellowdog granny said...

get a video of tai's easy, and great exercise...i do it when i think about it..but i have a tendency to fall if im not balanced right..damn pinched some of the turns are pretty tricky...merry merry...babs will be here xmas day and get keys to the apt a week from dang..

Ol' Lady said...

F.Y.I. as we age the floor does get further away cause gravity does work...need proof??? take off yer bra and see what happens :o