Tuesday, January 29, 2008


On my trek from the powerhouse to the parking lot I encountered an male acquaintance that I haven’t seen since last summer.

He: How’s your boyfriend, did he get over his motorcycle wreck?
Me: I don’t have a boyfriend.
He: Damn, did he hit his head that hard?
Me: Huh?
He: The idiot must have brain damage to let a woman like you get away!

My head and ego both swell up at the compliment.

Me: Thank you! That’s a really sweet thing to say.
He: Yeah, you’re funny, smart and you got a damn good job. Any man who lets a woman with money get away is an idiot.

Can you hear the hissing of my head and ego both deflating at an alarming rate? At least I know that I can weigh 400 lbs, be as wrinkled as a Chinese Shar-Pei and look like shit and still attract a man as long as I have a job.


Babs said...

Cripes! Well, at least we know what that smuck is looking for in a woman. And what he's missing out on!

yellowdog granny said...

men..if they didn't have dicks we wouldnt even talk to them..

anonymous jones said...

This goes to show that even the nice ones are idiots.

Ol' Lady said...

Shit!!! Sounds like that guy is the product of brother & sisterly love...no brains!!!
If he was in the parking lot was he a; going to or coming from a job? or b; looking for a wife???
Dumb Ass!!!

Anonymous said...

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