Saturday, January 14, 2006


It's been really really hard to pick a winner out of all the wacky entries that you people had posted on the Traveling Lei Contest.

I gotta say that some of you know some strange gift-givers! What with used granny bras, sex toys on the 2nd date, sex toy gift certificates from entire divisions of the military, Christmas stocking tampons, banana roasters (I still haven't figured that one out) I've almost pulled my hair out trying to select the oddest present (and there's nothing worse than a bald-headed Junebugg!) .

So the winner of the Traveling Lei and the 'Bama Gift Pack is (drumroll please).................................

CrazyRideLady! Yes fellow Bloggers and Bloggettes, she won with this entry.

One year I recieved a very nice set of earrings, in a small metal box that was welded shut! I had to get my dad to cut it open with a torch for me!

I don't know about y'all, but having to use a torch to open a present is right up there at the top. I'll be senting her an email and getting all the details to mail the package to her.

Thank y'all for making this so much fun, and stay posted for CrazyRideLady's version of the Traveling Lei Contest.

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Suzanne said...

yeah...that was pretty odd. I'm surprised it didn't ruin the earrings? ha ha