Tuesday, January 10, 2006


OK People, it's time for PHASE 2 of DB's TRAVELING LEI CONTEST.

Since we just had Christmas, the burning question y'all gotta answer to get lei'd is...... (drumroll please)......

"Name the strangest, weirdest, wackiest or most unusual gift that you've ever received."

It doesn't have to be a Christmas present, and you didn't have to get it this year. Answer in the comments and answer as often as you like. The contest is going to run until 2 weeks from today. Then I'll chose the winner and announce it here, send them an e-mail so they can send me their snail-mail addy and I'll mail the lucky person their goodies.

The Rules for Traveling Lei contests:

1. At the end of the contest, the current lei holder will ship the Traveling Lei to the next lucky winner.
2. Along with a small gift from your own state or country.
3. You must attach a creative tag to the "traveling lei", such as "Aloha from Hawai`i", or "Howdy from Texas", etc, and your blog address. The tag should be no larger than the size of an airline baggage tag or Xmas tag so we can get lots of them on there
4. When you receive the lei, you must post a picture of yourself wearing it and holding a sign that says "I got lei'd by DB in Hawaii!" (or whomever you got the lei from) like this time it's "I got LEI'D by Junebugg in Alabama" . Also post a link back to me and the person you got the lei from so we can keep track of our Aloha, as well as these rules personalized to your own site.
5. Then create your own contest for the next winner, but the rules for the traveling lei will remain the same. The contest should run for no shorter than a week and no longer than two weeks.

DB has created a Traveling Lei Page on his blog (complete with pictures of the past winners, like ME) so we can keep up with it's progress around the world. You get the beautiful lei in the picture plus whatever winnings I come up with from the beautiful state of Alabama here in the heart of Dixie.

I'm leaving this post at the top of my site until the contest is over. Come on y'all, most people get a measley kiss for New Year's. You can get LEI'D!

UPDATE: Folks, we're offical. The Traveling Lei Contest has been listed and linked on the Blog Contest Site.


Suzanne said...

I just love this traveling Lei contest, and think it will be cool to see every where it travels. I once received a little brooch in the shape of a pig from my three year old niece. Not exceptionally weird in itself, but rather that she picked it out herself and just insisted that I had to have this pig. I don't particularily even like pigs...or brooches for that matter, but this precious little baby girl new in her three year old heart that it was the perfect gift for me! It's most definately the thought that counts and you gotta love that!!! Other than the pig I can't think of any weird gifts i've ever received.

Junebugg said...

How sweet! You're the first to enter, best of luck.

Joan said...

Weirdest gift...I get lots of those. This year I received a very generous gift certificate for sex toys. And while that may not be all that strange, at least not for me, the giver of the gift was. It was affectionately signed, "With love and appreciation...101st ABN DIV, Your Screaming Eagles". Now come on...who else can say their sex toys are purchased by the 101st ABN? ;-)

D Brooks said...

LOL... I knew this was gonna be interesting :)


BlogContestSite.com said...

How about a soft toy for my wedding..cute but weird :))

ourcookie @ gmail said...

walkman instead of an ipod :(

BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah said...

lmao, Joan--I know there's only a few posts so far, but that was great!

June Bugg--I know I can't play, but check out the latest post, now that makes it too bad that I can't play! :)

Junebugg said...

Joan, you're going to be hard to beat!

B'Tude, that deal about the walkman is because I entered several contest on the Blog Contest Site and one of the prizes was an ipod. Guess they changed it. Go and check them out. I entered several things there.

Chris said...

Well the oddest thing that I ever have received as a gift was a "bowl". Not just a serving bowl but it was some kind of fancy pink bowl with some design on it. I dont own anything that is fancy nor pink.. LOL.. The bowl in itself was odd enough however, the fact that it came from my man's father's ex-wife explained the gift a little more, she is kinda odd, but it was obviously a re-gift at that.

On a side note for our wedding that year we did receive a variety of odd gifts...

1) The Bowl
2) A HUGE picture frame
3) A Little Bitty Mikasa Crystal Bell??
4) Two $25.00 Gift Cards to Borders book store.. nothing says Happy Honeymoon like a couple of good books that you have to go shop for ... ugh!

Anyway, there's my entry..


D Brooks said...

Hahaha... now I'm thinking of a piggy sex-toy delivered in a pink bowl by the 101st Airborne, lol

Great entries so far :)


Samyu said...

All gifts that I received were weird. I never in my life received a perfect gift.


Junebugg said...

I can't imagine never getting a well thought out gift! My, isn't the contest taking off!

D Brooks said...

We may have to bring in an independent judging group, lol These are great :)

Gopher said...

I'll be in for that I can honestly say I've never been give a remotely weird gift but a few odd comments now and then. I'm sorry im too much of a gentleman junebugg (you know what I'm refering to ;) )

Becky said...

I know this may not sound exciting, but it's a running family joke in my clan. One year for my birthday, my sister sent me a carved cheap ass wooden Honduras box after I'd just sent her a new Victoria's Secret thing (our b-days are a week apart). Apparently, my brother in law brought that $5 box back to give to the neighbor's six year old in exchange for feeding their dog while they were on vacation. So, now it's the running joke that "at least you didn't get a Honduras box."