Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Mike ParkerThe weather didn't cooperate with our outdoor plans, so we pulled the gas grill underneath the carport and Sweet Thang did the grilling while I made roasted garlic smashed potatoes with rosemary and a big batch of turnip greens.

What is it about men and fire? They see a flame and want to char a piece of meat. Must be the caveman left over in 'em! We spent the weekend riding the roads, just chilling and enjoying each other's company. Who says you have to stay inside just because of a little rain!

Mike Parker & BlackieHere you seem him petting Blackie (Mama Dog) while watching the grill in case of flame-ups. As you can see, the hussy ate all that lovin' up. I gotta get her to the vet, I can't afford any more puppies (13 on her first in-heat!). It's gonna be a problem because she's terrified of riding, must be because she was a stray. Someone dropped her close to the house and she's afraid she's gonna be orphaned again. Dogs are smarter than most people give them credit for. I truly believe she remembers that last car ride and being put out, sitting in the middle of the road and watching her last owners driving away leaving her all alone to fend for herself.

Puppy peekingMy flower bed is a wreck because of the puppies (I've got 9 left, anybody need a pooch?). Here's one playing peek-a-boo through my jasmine. They've got it pulled half way off the trellis. Oh well, it's tough and they can't kill it, and most of the flowers in the bed are gone anyway. I'll worry about more flowers next spring and maybe I'll find homes for some of the remaining babies.

Drennon Crook & RufusThis is Drennon and Rufus (Rufus is the one with the fur coat).
Rufus is another stray that just showed up at the house a couple of years ago. I guess the word got around that the crazy lady who lives here would feed anything that hung around long enough........

Nothing much going on around here, so as Bugs Bunny says "That's all folks".


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Good-looking mammal. The dog, not the guy. Well, I guess the guy too.

anonymous jones said...

Yeah and when there is more than one man doing the BBQ-ing it is all about who has the largest tongs!