Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It seems just plain wrong to be paid good money for sitting on your ass for 12 hours, but that's what happened yesterday. We're having a shutdown at work and I worked as "hole watch" for some of the boiler inspectors.

"One position of critical importance is that of the attendant, who commands the hole watch and is responsible for atmospheric testing, communicating with the entry team, knowing when to call for help, and leading evacuation procedures."

Talk about boring! You have to wear an ugly neon green vest and keep an air horn and radio on you at all times to signal for help in case someone getts gassed or has a heart attack or falls down a hole or off a scaffold (all of which have happened here before-several times in fact). I've got terminal hard-hat hair and a permanent dent in my butt from perching on the handrail of a 3'X5' scaffolding platform for 8 hours and peering into a small hole while hoping nothing goes wrong.

Oh well, the money is good and it's better than digging ditches. It would have helped if I had something to read, but reading or sleeping is a firing offense while on hole watch and I don't blame them. If I was in a dangerous position I'd want someone looking out for me too. You sit in one place keeping your eyes on the people inside the vessel until they get done and hope you don't have to go pee cause you can't leave!

Then when I got home the 'puter was a blank screen!!!!!!! I managed to get everything back but the darn thing won't hook up to the internet. The modem is working but when I get it to dial out, MSN claims that the name/password is wrong except that they're not because I can log on here at work. This shit never happened until my 31 year-old son started playing with it. I'm blaming him. Yep, it's all his fault. Probably some kinda 'puter porno STD or something

So my blogging will be sporadic at best until I get what ever bugs he's let in my poor abused 'puter flushed out and on line again. Have faith y'all, I ain't gone---just sidelined for a bit.

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