Wednesday, September 27, 2006


witch Karen and I spent the day shopping in Decatur for Halloween decorations, tiz the season ya' know. Imagine my surprise when I found my alter-ego!!

Check out the size of those boobs! Anyone who knows me and my bodacious boobs (and the equally sizable knockers belonging to several of my bodacious real life sisters) can see that this has got to be a long lost sister of ours.

witchI've named her Gilda Butt {after Bertha Butt & the Butt Sisters immortalized in the song "TROGLODYTE (CAVE MAN)" by the Jimmy Castor Bunch}. Look at that the size and roundness of that ass and you'll know why!

See, my butt sticks out like that too! Told you Gilda was my alter ego. This is what I look like on Halloween night, only I'm better looking {insert modest blush here}.

I scored some glow-in-the-dark bats and a few other witchy looking things. Tomorrow I'll start doing up the yard and getting in the "spirit" of things. Until next time,

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anonymous jones said...

Halloween has never really caught on here, despite the shops trying to promote it as another consumer event. I'm not exactly heart broken about it either .....!(Don't you people have the 'Stranger Danger' thing for kids over there?)