Thursday, September 21, 2006


I've finally got a few days off and there are so many things going on this weekend that I can't decide what to do first! I won't have time to do them all but dang it I hate to miss anything {sticks lip out in a fetching pout} Here's just a partial rundown of the local doings:

Huntsville's Big Spring Jam is one of the premier events in the South, with 3 days of partying, 5 different stages all performing at the same time and 95 top musicians ranging from Bo Bice to Casting Crows to Sugarland to KC & the Sunshine Band. Every year they have a different headline act and this year it's Joan Jett and the Blackhearts pushing their new album, Sinner.

Of course fall is the time of year for local fairs and carnivals. The Morgan County Fair in Decatur, Al. has already started and is going on through the weekend. The Moulton fair was last weekend and with me working overtime I missed it. Plus on Saturday night one of main events is WWF and the grandson is a BIG wrestling fan so you know he's expecting Nana to take him!

I just wish that I could handle all the rides like I used to but my stomach flips upside down and I get queasy real fast in my old age! I rode one thing-a-ma-jig last year that had you dangling from a bare seat out in the wide open air {with nothing holding you in but a couple of shoulder bars} while it turned you upside down and tried to shake your liver out --- that sucker dang near killed me {that was sister Lana's fault, she tricked me & Karen into getting on}. I thought I was gonna die before I could excape from the devilish thing!

Just a few miles from the house there's the annual Antique and Apple festival. This event is packed every year and you can buy everything from fruit to furniture to handmade Indian jewelry. Don't know if I'll make it this time, which might not be a bad thing, because I usually wind up spending WAY too much money on stuff that I don't really need.

There's also a poker run to raise funds for CHALYBEATE FIRE AND RESCUE MOTORCYCLE FUN RIDE {these are some of the guys who service my part of the country and are right down the road from me). Sweet Thang is talking about riding in it, but I've got to take care of some business and can't go, damn it.

So there you have it....... I'm not working this weekend but I'll be burning the roads up running around ....... Bopping and jamming out to some good music, eating cotton candy at the fair and blowing my hard earned $$$ on useless but pretty junk. If the rain let's me that is, it's already rained once and all the happenings are outside. Hope y'all have a good week end as well.

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