Thursday, September 21, 2006


I'm not going to say "We told you so" but:
When he was Barbara, he was discouraged from attending MIT, and people thought he must have had a boyfriend who helped him with difficult math. Later, when living as Ben, Barres overhead another scientist say that "Ben Barres gave a great seminar today, but his work is much better than his sister's [Barbara's] work."

As a man who used to be a woman, Ben knows all to well that we're still a long way from equal rights, no matter they tell us. Things are better than they've ever been but to paraphrase a little, "Baby, we've got a long way to go".

Our daughters, nieces and granddaughters will be bumping their heads on the same glass ceiling that has plagued us all and I don't know about y'all, but I'm tired of the headaches. I work in a male dominated industry and although I'm respected and doing well now, I went through a rough rite of passage in my many jobs to get here.

It seemed that I had to do twice as good a job as the men to get equal credit and that's not right. Lets not even mention the ass pinching, booby grabbing, "I'll scratch your back..........", "What's a nice girl........" shit that went along with being a female in a "man's world" and had to be endured in order to gain acceptance. If you turned down their "offers" or were good at mechanical/physical/mathematical things (considered guy stuff) you were snidely called a "lezbo" or "Dyke" (apologies to any lesbians out there, these guys considered this to be the worst thing you could call a female).

Maybe one of these days people will figure out that the female brain is exactly the same size as the male's. Women are still an untapped resource all over the world and unless/until everyone realizes it, life for most is going to continue to be a struggle.

If single mothers could get a decent job they could get off of public assistance and pay for day care. If parents raised girls with the same expectations as boys more of them would worry about education and a job rather than starting to plan their wedding from the age of 13. Teachers need to spend the same amount of time mentoring young girls as they do the guys ...... The increased education and self respect would cause our single unwed mother headcount to plunge.

There's a large brain above these big boobs
and I know how to use all three.
That makes me a

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Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I think that's crap. Sixty percent of college students are female. And for every 100 men who produce a degree, 133 women do.

The notion that there's anti-female bias in education is hogwash.