Friday, May 20, 2005


The rules are really simple. All you have to do is pick someone (or sometwo or somethree) from your blogroll and post (on your site) just what makes them linkworthy. I mean, there's obviously a reason that you allow them to take up that valuable real estate on your site, right? But who do you pick?

I can hold my head up in pride!! Pammy of Lollygaggin has chosen me as one of her Blog It Forward nominees. This is a really great idea that seems to have taken the Blogsphere by storm. I'm not going to put in several of my favorite bloggers, they already get tons of traffic. So doing my best game show host imitation here for your enjoyment and entertainment I offer:

LIFE DROPPINGS - This is my sister Donna's site. Although she doesn't post as often as some of us (she battles with depression), on up days her writing is funny enough to make you snort coffee up your nose [go read To Boob Or Not To Boob and Tales of the Outhouse - Drawers Down ]. Most of her stories are about our growing up in a rural family with 5 girls. And don't believe everything she says about me [I'm Vicki]. I DID NOT lead her astray near as often as she claims!

IN HIGH COTTON - The Grey Biker's description "Random passing thoughts, humorous observations of daily life, occasional rants, and down to earth reality from a native southern guy living out in the country in Georgia. " and describes himself as "Male. 46 years old. A Libra. A real southerner and proud of it. I've lived in Georgia all my life. I live on a dirt road about 45 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia. Probably the last bit of country left this close to Atlanta. Drive a old Ford 4 wheel drive pick-up and ride a Harley. I have ridden motorcycles since I was 16. Have 2 dogs, a Cardigan Corgi and a Yellow Lab". Now people, you know that nothing's better than spending time with a good old boy!

THE PISSED KITTY COMETH - Pisser is a West Coast gal who works in the film industry. She has a take-no-prisoners style and a warped sense of humor that is great. I love her take on life in the big city and having to deal with the so called "beautiful people". Warning: She tends to have adult content!

Go check them out and tell them that I sent you and encourage them to BLOG IT FORWARD.

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