Saturday, May 07, 2005


This thought provoking article tugs at your heart strings, brings a tear to your eyes, and makes you want to hug the nearest child.

The organization Human Rights Watch, while studying the genocide in Sudan, traveled to neighboring Chad and interviewed refugees who had fled across the border. The doctors wanted to concentrate on the adults in the group, so they provided the children with crayons and paper to keep themselves amused. The surprise was what the children drew, and the explanations they had for the "artwork".

The resulting drawings shows the effects of war on children, in graphic detail that you wouldn't think some of these children could understand at such a young age. Everything from genital mutilation to rape.

It reminds me a lot of the way psychologists treat children here who have been abused. All the movies and books show the Dr. giving a doll or art supplies to a child and interpreting the results. These pictures don't need an interpreter. They speak for themselves.Loud and Clear.

Thanks to Tom for the link, and to Cyn for finding it in the first place. And thanks to my 5 year old grandson for staying innocent for a little longer. I'd hate to think of him with those kinds of images locked in his little head!

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