Monday, November 07, 2005


This weekend I attended my first New Earth Festival! It was in Huntsville on the UAH campus. Vendors of all kinds, New Agers and psychics of ever stripe were there. You could definitely find anything that your little heart desired, no matter how odd or off the wall.

You could get your aura photographed, your chakras checked, tarot readings, holistic health scans, Crystal balls and jewelry (including crystal penises!!), books of every kind, reflexology foot massages, you name it was there.

I was scanned, got my tarot read, had my chakras checked, and had my aura photographed. My scanner is broke, or I'd post the pic.

I was disappointed because everyone else had lots of different colors in their's and mine was solid turquoise with dark blue squiggles but the folks doing the aura thingy said that I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL AURA! The colors were that way supposedly because I'm so well balanced. Man, they don't know me well , do they? Oh, and my chakras were wonderful, too. Fooled them, Ha Ha.

One lady, Twilah Nickens, was scary (in a good way) because she seemed to be the real deal. She's legally blind, but sees more than most sighted people. More about that later.

Vibrational Healing Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicine,
Bridging the Gap, Ways to raise your vibrations in order to heal yourself. Touch Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Ordained Minister, Naturalist and Spiritualist. She has 35 years experience in the Medical Field , 25 years in Alternative
Medicine and Vibrational Healing, 20 years as a Medical Intuitive, and over 12 years of college in Modern and Alternative Medicine. She has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, and has studied Quantum Physics and Religion. Twilah became an Ordained Minister in 1996.

Twilah did a full body scan, read my cards and did automatic writing while holding my hand. She hit all my personality and life events right on the money, including the fact that I had tumors and needed surgery and suffered from headaches. She also told me to take red raspberry for hot flashes.

I've never met the lady, so there's no way she could know and she didn't ask any questions before she started. Then she told me that I was going through a PERIOD OF CLEANSING, CLEANING, AND CHANGING.

Supposedly, I'm in the process of becoming an emotional swan (her words, not mine). Too bad it's not physical, I could use a little outer beauty to go with all this inner beauty that I'm (so called) going through gaining right now.

My lucky number is 8 and any day that adds up to 8 is lucky (8, 17, 26). The year 2008 is supposed to be my MY YEAR! Oh yeah, she says that I have the aspect of a raccoon, because I tend to mask my emotions and feelings. That's right emotionally but I promise I do not in any way resemble a small furry critter nor do I have rings around my tail!

I was also told (by a different person) that I was a natural witch who was wasting her powers by not using them. So I bought several books, including Sexy Witch. I also bought some wonderful smelling herbal soap, some jewelry, and a crystal divination pendulum. Lets see just how witchy I am. Who knows, I may have some of those mind-over-matter powers. If nothing else, it'll be a good ice-breaker at bars and parties.

My friend, Karen, was standing 5' or 6' away and Twilah suddenly asked who was there and then proceeded to give her a free reading. She got everything about her right too! Not bad for a blind woman.

There might not be anything to all this stuff, but it was different, couldn't hurt and might just give me some food for thought. If you get the chance to attend a similar event, I highly recommend it. If nothing else, for the entertainment value.


Anonymous said...

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BJ Fromm where? said...

Hi! I found your blog because I have heard of Twilah and was trying to find her! Your encounter makes me want to see her more! Do you happen to have her contact info? Also..... How was tech year 2008?!? I'm very curious! Thank you, Becky