Thursday, November 03, 2005


I found this test in a novel and tried it. I know, novels are fiction but this turned out to be interesting. It gives you a lot of food for thought.

First, answer the questions. Then go to my comments to see what personal aspect each question stands for. Finally, do your own analysis. The interpretation is up to you and can be seen in several different ways. Try it and let us know if you learned anything new about yourself.

1. If you were thinking of yourself in terms of an animal, what would it be?

2. What's your favorite color?

3. If you thought of yourself as a body of water, what would it

4. What does a small, black room with no windows and no door represent to you, in one or two words.

I actually did this using different answers, such as now my favorite color is green but when I was younger it was purple. And the way I've changed as I've matured matched the way the answers turned out.

There you go, instant analysis. See, no need to shell out the big bucks for some idiot in an office to fill your head with psycho-babble.
UPDATE: I found this pic at DB's and just had to steal borrow it. He got it from The Smallest Minority where you can read the full story.

OPENING QUOTE: Once Marine Gunnery Sgt. Michael Burghardt realized he could wiggle his toes and fingers, he had one message for the insurgents who wounded him - defiance.

Yep, folks. He's one of ours and I for one are proud to claim him and all the others like them. Here's to our guys and gals over there in the thick of it. God Bless and Give Them Hell.

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