Monday, November 13, 2006


I walked outside this morning to discover that Mr. Jack Frost dropped by overnight and bestowed our first hard frost of the year. The trees are still clothed in russet colored leaves but they were shiny with a glaze of ice, my windshield was opaque with frost and the hounds were all huddled together for body warmth. It’s the first morning that they didn’t knock me down with greetings; all I got this AM was a few of them poking their doggy snouts out of their house to make sure it was me and not some burglar. The temps are still in the low 30s which I know doesn’t sound all that cold for November to most of y’all but it was in the high 70s just 2 days ago!

All this changing weather makes it hard to know how to dress. I’ve pulled out my winter stuff and dang if lots of my warmer attire hasn’t gotten snug since last year. My bedroom is now covered with piles of clothing in several different sleeve lengths and multiple sizes. I’d love to claim that my shirts and long johns were magically shrunk by Evil Elves while packed away but I know that my expanding waistline/arse/tits are more to blame than any fictional pixie. Guess I’ll have to go on a much dreaded diet.

Those of you who have visited this blog for a while know that awhile back my Dr. got on me about my BMI, blood sugar/pressure and several other things ending up with her sending me to Nutrition Class at the local hospital. I’d do well for a while then fall off the diet wagon; finding the time and motivation for daily exercise fell by the wayside in the time crunch of regular life until I just gave up and reverted back to my evil ways. I’m not in good shape; just not in such bad shape that I can’t manage to do most anything that I want including hiking in the mountains. But all this fat lard fluff is catching up with me, I’m slower and have to take more rest stops that every before and my feet hurt for the first time.

Guess I need to buckle down and try to exercise a little willpower in the food department plus get my fat derriere out of the chair and moving farther than the ‘fridge on a regular basis. I’m not looking forward to it, this is a bad time of year for trying to diet, what with my birthday next Thursday & then Thanksgiving and Christmas falling in the next few weeks. Plus I’m weak; my willpower leaves much to be desired. I love to cook and good food is one of my joys in life.

I’ve tried, I really have. I’ve got tons of diet cookbooks but most diet fare doesn’t have the mouth feel of the real thing. Plus I’m supposed to eat low fat/low carb, that doesn’t leave much that I can have; I’m even restricted on fruit. But it seems like that I don’t have a choice, it’s either live a life of dull food and more exercise or live a much shorter life altogether.

Guess I better "gird up my loins" or whatever platitude is apt and get used to doing without juicy steaks, hamburgers, baked potatoes, risotto, biscuits or yeast rolls. 3 ounces of baked fish or chicken with no sauce a day is all the meat that I’m allowed on my prescribed diet. No soy, cauliflower, broccoli or any member of the cabbage because of my underactive thyroid. Damn, now I know why they call them

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anonymous jones said...

It's difficult isn't it, especially if you are cold and tired and it is sure easier said than done! I always find that I have such an amazing resolve to do all these wonderful diet and exercise things just as I get into bed (and I really believe I will) but by the next day, as everything starts up again, it seems like some ridiculous scheme I invented in my sleep!

Do you like taking walks with your dog of choice? That kind of routine is the best long-term exercise, I reckon. It's about all I can consistently manage with a reasonable regularity these days!