Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I’m sure most of you have seen the Angel Trees that pop up everywhere this time every year. We have one here at work and every year I pick out several of the kids to buy for. I’ve been blessed with a decent job and I figure that the least I can do is make some child’s Christmas a little merrier.

I have to confess that I read over the tags before choosing. I tend to skip over the ones asking for DVDs and video games. The little devils can buy their own rap CDs and video games, I ain’t their Mama! I know that such things are what the kids really want but I don’t consider them needs. I tend to go for the ones that ask for something essential and then add a little something extra; like this one:

Girl age 7
Wants: Panties & Socks

See, this little angel (or more likely her Mother) wants undies; something that we all need and most of us take for granted. Can you imagine not having any socks or drawers? I’ll go and have a blast picking out something frilly & feminine like maybe PowerPuff Girls Panties and then add a toy like a baby doll or maybe a cute little purse. (I have to admit that after having a son and a grandson I get a kick out of shopping for a little girl).

I’ve also got Natasha (age 8) who wants gym shoes, Tanyi (age 14) who needs jeans and Deavence (age 4) who needs a coat/jacket. I’ll buy the requested items and stick in a little bonus that hopefully will bring a smile Christmas morning. Maybe these youngsters will enjoy opening their presents as much as I did buying them.

To me, other than spending time with family, this is what Christmas is all about. Making a child’s eyes light up, giving the little ones another year where Santa Clause is alive and well, and letting the older ones know that just because their family isn’t rich doesn’t mean that they count for less than anyone else.

I know everyone can’t afford to do a lot for others, but even so, do what you can. Somewhere out there is a small child hoping that Santa hasn’t forgotten him/her and you can give Jolly Old Saint Nick a helping hand.

Now all together y'all:


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