Sunday, December 24, 2006


We had a good Christmas here at Casa Junebugg. Sweet Thang gave me a beautiful cherry wood jewelry chest that stands 4' high and has dozens of drawers and hidey holes to store my shiny baubles and doodads. Son Chane gave me a combo DVD/VCR player to drag me kicking and screaming into the modern video age without losing the ability to watch my vast collection of old VCR movies. My bestest friend Karen gave me a Celtic knot necklace, telling me that the Celtic knot stood for eternal life and she also meant it to represent eternal friendship! All this and we haven't even had our extended family Christmas yet. {{{sigh}}} I'm blessed with people who care about me.

Here are just a few pictures of the day. Chane is camera shy, so I don't have many of him but Drennon is a ham who loves to get his picture taken.

When I was sending a gift to Hawaii, Stinky jumped into the box and refused to get out! Do you think she wanted to go on vacation?

Rufus wants a Christmas present I believe Rufus is trying to figure out which package is his!

This is the only time I got Chane on camera and I thought he was gonna have a fit when he found out I got a picture of him.

Drennon in the paper ripping mode.

Sister Teresa gave Drennon this 'boggin. 'Bama fans start young here.

Boxes get ripped too. Drennon doesn't have the patience to open stuff neatly.

This RoboReptile surprised us with what all it could do! It runs, jumps, bites, hunts, feeds, roars and snarls. It also has sensors that let it "see" and "hear". If it hears a sound, it stops and turns it's head from side to side until it locates the source, then gives chase. The same goes for it's sight, if a moving object crosses it's path it attacks. In free-roam mode it actually saw and gave chase to the kitten. I think the darn thing is smarter than the cats! I tried to get a picture of the cat/robot battle but the action was too fast. Maybe another time.......

We burned all the boxes and wrapping paper because there was too much to wait for garbage day.

Drennon as one of the Three Wise Men in the Christmas play.

I hope all of my blogbuddies have as good a Christmas as I did. Merry Christmas and best wishes to all of you.

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