Friday, December 01, 2006


Tonight me, 3 of my sisters, Sweet Thang and assorted inlaws & outlaws braved the cold front that's sweeping the country to watch Moulton's Christmas parade. It always circles the town square and this year an hour before the parade arrived Christmas carolers sang on one side of the square while a local church played Christian rock music & handed out free cocoa & coffee on the other side, so we had plenty of entertainment while we waited.

I didn't get to take many pictures....... well I took lots but only a few turned out. Some of them were too dark and then there were the grown women who kept jumping in front of me scrambling for candy, I got plenty of shots of the back of one of their heads. That 's what I said, GROWN WOMEN JUMPING IN FRONT OF OTHERS, STEPPING OF FOLKS TOES & CRAWLING ON THEIR HANDS AND KNEES OVER PENNY CANDY.

Some people are just deprived, I guess. Or would that be depraved? I thought seriously about booting the shameless hussy out of my way, but instead I stepped up to her face, looked her in the eye and said "Excuse Me" in one of those tones of voice. She snarled "Excuse me Hell!" but she did move down a few feet.
I was about fed up with grown folks acting like idiots, knocking little kids out of the way over a piece of candy, and it wouldn't have taken much for me to deck her. I think I could have taken her, too, and I had Donna to take care of the other candy-snatchers. I can see it now, me in jail (maybe Donna too, who knows) and calling in to work "I won't be in tomorrow, I got in a fight at the Christmas Parade." Ain't y'all proud of the way I behaved all lady-like instead of being the heathen female y'all know and love?

Donna bundling up her grandson Andrew against the cold. Why do kids hate 'boggins so much, don't they know that their ears will freeze off? At least that's what Mom always told me.......

From the back left: Donna, Tina & Lana. Front: Christopher, Brittany & her little boyfriend waiting for the parade to begin. (Brittany's 11 and she's a head taller than the poor feller, Donna told him he needed a rock to stand on!)

Some more of Donna's grandsons are riding on this firetruck (the ones in black toward the front are them), their dad Duane is a fireman.

You never have a parade without vendors. I can understand the cotton candy, but don't ask me why he's selling plastic fish at a Christmas parade!

Don't you know she's cold!

Only in Alabama would you see a bulldozer in a Christmas parade.

The Alabama Blues Brothers
(they're supposed to be the only Blues Brothers impersonators in the state and, to their knowledge, the only impersonators nationwide who are actual brothers)

The local Red Hat Society,
who are the Grande Dames of the Ladies-Who-Lunch
and who all wear
purple dresses & red hats
in honor of the poem,
"Warning" by Jenny Joseph.
(The Red Hat Society is a social organization where there is fun after
fifty for women of all walks of life)

Of course the parade finished with a kazillion horses, carts, buggies and such. It ain't a parade in Alabama unless you smell horse manure at the end. (horse-end-manure......I know, bad pun)

Well, it's in the 20s outside, I've got the gas heat kicking, my fuzzy PJs on and tomorrow's a work day so I'll say "Good Night". Hope y'all have sweet dreams and some one or something to keep you warm tonight. Sweet Thang went home but I've got a thick quilt and two cats to snuggle with, and warm thoughts of family and friends to flavor my dreams.

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