Saturday, December 23, 2006


Our family Christmas has been postponed due to several of my siblings/nieces coming down with the flu. I've been doing mercy runs with chicken soup, crackers, Gatorade and anti-nausea medicine. It feels like I should be doing more than brewing tea, heating soup and offering words of comfort; for all the good they do it's not making life any easier for the sick folks.

Baby sister Lana is so weak she's passed out a time or two (nearly giving me a heart attack in the process, I thought she was having a seizure!) and is under a doctor's care. She lives alone and we sisters are the only ones around to check and make sure she's OK. Brittany, Tina's 11 year old daughter, is down with the nasty virus as well.

So far we've been lucky and the bug hasn't hit my house yet. I've been careful not to stay long, washing my hands often and as much as I would like to not giving her a hug of sisterly affection and comfort.

Chane, Drennon and I will have our own little Christmas party today; Drennon has to go home to celebrate with his Mom and see what Santa brought. His cousin Quin has been trying his best to convince Drennon that there's no such thing as Santa, but so far Drennon is rock steady in his faith in the Fat Man In The Red Suite. Drennon's the ripe old age of 7, I hope he can hold on to his innocence and childhood just a little longer. Life goes fast enough without someone busting the Saint Nick bubble for ya.

Here's wishing ya'll a
from the Heart of Dixie
and hope that the flu bug
stays away from your door.

BONUS: Donna has posted a picture of me at the Christmas parade. I cropped out a lot of the sky and such to make a close-up. Volia!! Junebugg in the flesh.

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Tina said...

I told Quin he is going to get a lump of coal this year. Britt is getting better now. Go to Santa will e-mail Drennon (you) with a password and phone # for him to call and leaave Santa his wish list. HO HO HO