Saturday, December 02, 2006


This post is dedicated to Mom & Dad, who would have been married 52 years on December 25th if they were still with us.

Wayne 'Red' WatersThis is what they looked like when they eloped on Christmas Day, 1954, after only knowing each other 10 days. Good looking couple, aren't they!

I tried to blow up the picture of Dad so it would have been the same size as Mom's but it got fuzzy, so y'all will just have to make-do. Donna is the family historian and she tells the story of Mom & Dad's whirlwind romance in Love Everlasting.They did something you very seldom see today; stayed married, raised 5 girls and never separated. I don't think I even saw them fuss until after I was grown and left home.

I don't have any pics of them at Christmas on the 'puter and the scanner died, so here's a few that I DO HAVE.

My son, Chane, 5 or 6 years back. Believe me folks, he's not nearly as sweet as he looks!

Grandson Drennon when he was still his Nana's baby, before he grew up and informed me that he was "a big boy and stop calling me baby!" All those white snowflake ornaments on the tree were hand crocheted by Mom.

The 5 sisters last Christmas. From the left back: Tina, Donna. From the left front: Teresa, Lana, Me

As you can see our kids & grandkids are deprived, they never get anything for Christmas, NOT! This was last year and I hope we continue to get together every year.

So many families lose touch after the loss of their parents. It's like the older generation is the only thing keeping the siblings and grandchildren together as a unit. I know after my Grandmother & Grandfather Waters passed away I lost touch with most of my cousins. Heck, there's a few of them that I don't even recognize if I meet them in town. I'm afraid that's going to happen to us now that our parents are gone, and they would have hated that. To Mom & Dad, family was everything.

So if you have relatives that you haven't seen in a while, call them. Write something in the annual Christmas card besides "Merry Christmas". Tell them that you miss them and love them. Make the first move; who knows, you might just rekindle a close relationship with someone who shares your past and genes. The worst that can happen is that they ignore your loving overture and then loss will be theirs.

Merry Christmas Mom & Dad, where ever you are.

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