Friday, December 15, 2006


I'm in the local paper! Although right now I'm stuck here at work, the inner mini-me is doing a tail-shaking happy dance of "OH YEAH BABY" joy. What can I say, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

Well....... I didn't physically get in the paper (damn I bet getting shoved through the printing press would have hurt!) but something I wrote did. Actually, I didn't even get all my writing published, they paraphrased it....... deleted and edited and changed it around....... But still....... it's in print!

I submitted an earlier post for the Decatur Daily's Christmas Memories section at the urging of my Aunt Pat (BTW: Thank You for the support and encouragement, Aunt Pat) . They shortened it up and published it as HANDMADE DECORATIONS.

I didn't get paid this time (I made $50 the last time I got something published in several national papers. If you want to submit a story of your own and see if they'll pay you, go check out The Front Porch) but it's still nice to see your name in print!


bugsbutt said...

that's just wonderful!

cyberoutlaw said...

Congrats! I just read it. It was very nice.