Friday, July 29, 2005


Shape magazine has an article in it's August 2005 issue destroying, debunking and otherwise setting straight various myths about what does or does not cause cancer. I've heard the ones about artificial sweeteners, cell phones and routine X-rays. Here are some of the new (to me at least) myths.

Did you know some people believe that wearing an underwire bra can give you cancer (NOT!). It's supposed to somehow constrict the lymphatic system. I thought the purpose of underwire bras was to poke you under the arm (usefull to stay awake during long meetings) and make you long to rush home and rip off your bra before the door completely closes!

Antiperspirant is supposed to cause cancer because it stops you from sweating and causes a buildup of toxins. I thought that "stopping sweat" was the whole purpose of wearing it, hence the name "antiperspirant"!

Shampoo is also supposed to cause cancer because of an ingredient called "sodium laureth sufate". Is that why "bed head" came into fashion?

Thank God all these are myths or I guess we'd have to stop wearing bras, shampooing our hair or wearing antiperspirant. It's hard enough to feel attractive and sexy using all the weapons I can find to beat Mother Natue and Father Time into submission! I can see it now.........

Women everywhere with greasy hair, BO that you could smell from 6 foot away and sagging boobs hanging down so far you could (and do) trip over them!! Now ain't that a picture you would hate to get stuck in your head!

And now for this quiz stolen borrowed from Danial Sale's blog.

You Are 20% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.

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