Monday, September 26, 2005


Everyone says that I need to do a 100 Things list, who am I to argue with the masses. This will be an ongoing project because I don't want to put the same old boring stuff here.

1. I'm the oldest of 5 girls
2. I've had very few "female" jobs. I've been a welder and pipe fitter in a nuclear facility, a carpenter's helper, a house painter, broke and trained horses, and have worked in the power plant of a paper mill since 1979.
3. I was widowed twice by the time I was 21.
4. My eyes change color according to my mood and/or clothing. Hazel with flecks of gold and green most of the time.
5. I have a bad temper, but with a slow fuse. I don't just "go off". The madder I get, the quieter and colder I get. I don't get mad, I get deadly.
6. I love to cook, am actually good at it, but hate to clean the kitchen. I'm the 'Bama version of the Barefoot Contessa.
7. I'm a voracious reader and read over 200 words a minute. I read dictionaries, Encyclopedias, trade magazines about stuff I know nothing about, whatever is handy but my main love is SiFi and mysteries.
8. I have a fairly large vocabulary, but can't spell for shit. I'm just dyslexic that way.
9. When I travel (which I love to do, and I usually travel alone) I don't like to stay in the "tourist" areas. I want to explore, visit the natives, see the "real" what-ever and where-ever and especially sample all the exotic foods that I can't find anywhere else. I've made some wonderful friends and discoveries this way.
10. I can watch a movie with all kinds of blood and gore and eat pizza at the same time, but let a puppy get run over and I squall like a baby. I cried when King Kong died and when I thought ET was dead!

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**silvermOOn** said...

WEll, kiss my grits, J (LOL), I'm here reading your archives, true to my word (via Jan 2, 2006) comment and I see nada! I guess you are not a boring chic. ;)
P.S. I didn't do the list either in traditional fashion that is.