Friday, September 23, 2005


Mabon was definitely a feast. There were plenty of food choices: vegetables and dip, honey-baked ham, turkey and dressing, roast turkey, Caribbean fruit salad, German sweet potato salad, pumpkin pie, apple crisp, and wassail {the ratio of rum to apple juice kept getting stronger as the night went by}.

We started with a shot of Captain Morgan's Tattoo Rum placed upon an altar for Papa Legba and then each of us toasted the Loas by stating what we were thankful for in our lives and downing a shot ourselves. Several folks had never drank spiced rum and didn't know the trick of breathing in through your mouth AFTER taking a shot. The ugly faces they made caused a few giggles and got the spirit of the feast moving.

There were only about a dozen people there, but everyone brought food and drink. Magic themed movies {The Craft, 13 Ghosts, Practical Magic} were projected on a wall size screen all during the meal. People were dressed in everything for jeans and T-shirts to capes, including one couple who had went the full Goth Vampire route with white make-up and everything. Although my friend and I were new, non-Wiccans and dressed in street clothes everyone made us comfortable. The event was festive and friendly with no rituals other than the toast.

We had to leave early {10 PM} because my friend had a curfew {a bitch when you're grown, but that's being married gets you}. I hated to go because things were just starting to get interesting. A couple of the girls had just made a run for more rum and had pulled into the parking lot when I left. Everyone was already loose and feeling no pain. I can't wait to hear what happened later that night, if they'll tell that is! I seem to miss all the fun. Next time I'm going alone so I can enjoy myself until all hours. Who knows what rituals and antics happened at the midnight hour.

A paying customer had shown up and wanted one of the owners to work a not-so-nice spell for him (no physical harm, he wanted his wife to leave). He seemed unhappy to find out that he would have to do the spell-working himself with the Wiccan coaching him!! When I left he was on his way to dig up some graveyard dirt and looked thoroughly spooked. Serves him right!

All in all, it was an educational outing. I met some nice people, made a few new friends and got introduced to the world of Hoodoo. I love studing the theology of different beliefs, even though I'm a confirmed agnostic. I said agnostic, not atheist and there is a difference.

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