Monday, September 19, 2005


The concert Saturday night was great. There was a local girl opening for the bands that was 14, looked 20 and had a voice as big as all outdoors. Then some guy who was trying to get a record contract, a cover band that kicked ass named CRX, Confederate Railroad, and David Alan Coe. The crowd was huge and fairly well behaved for the amount of drunks there.

The bikers were out in force and I blended right in. I wore my harness boots and my favorite leather biker jacket. I got that jacket for $20 at Unclaimed Baggage over 8 years ago and the more I wear it the better it gets. Unclaimed Baggage sells stuff from luggage that gets lost on trains and airlines and never gets back to the owners. My jacket has leather that’s butter soft and I’ve had to fight with several ex-boyfriends who tried to claim it in the breakup. Everyone loves my jacket!!

Tonight I had to go and bail the son out of jail; they picked him up on an old warrant. There goes another $500 down the drain. What can you do? After all, he’s my son.

Hope y’alls night has gone better than mine.

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