Friday, January 19, 2007


“It’ll hurt”.
“Are you hurting now?”
“Noooooo....... but I’m not trying to do anything either. I feel just fine as long as I stay in this recliner”.
“Come on, you’ve got to walk sooner or later”
“It’ll hurt”.
“I know Darlin’, but the doctor said you have to get up and walk the soreness out or you’ll never get to feeling better”.
“But it’ll hurt, I know it’ll hurt. It hurts just thinking about it”.
“Now you know that you’ve got to go back to work in ONE WEEK! It’s gonna hurt a lot more when you have to climb ladders and turn wrenches.”
“I’ll move when I have to, and I don’t have to right now. Please go and get me something to snack on. Where’s the remote?”
WALK! You’re not crippled, you’ve just gotten spoiled!”
“Yeah, I know but it’s different when you’re a man. Women don’t understand, men are sensitive down there. Just the idea makes ya hurt. I’ll get up and move around when I have to. Where did you say the remote was? Hey, you know maybe if we fooled around a little, I might not hurt as much....... You could always kiss it and make it better”.
"Oh Hell No! You're not blaming me for making you hurt. When you can walk farther than the bed then I'll think about some extra-curricular activities".

I've come to the conclusion that if men had to go through the pain of childbirth, the human race would have become extinct a long, long time ago.
I'm back at work and Sweet Thang is back at his place ALONE, so I guess he'll have to do a little walking since there's no one there to wait on him. Amazing that he can't walk to the 'fridge but he can drive his 5 speed truck.......


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