Friday, January 26, 2007


Well, I broke down and got my hair whacked off the other day, picture to be posted whenever I get someone else to take one. My new cut doesn’t look exactly like the photograph (for some reason a new hair cut never looks like the picture your stylist is going by, or is it just MY hair cuts?) but the “do” did turn out well. I’ve only washed it once and my hair usually takes about a week to train after it’s been reshaped so we’ll see what happens.

I walked into work this morning and got tons of compliments after only sticking my head under the shower and walking out the door with a wet head, finger-combing my newly short tresses in the car on the way to work. Remember, I’m the only female in my department and usually I have to shave my head before anyone notices around here so this is a big change.

Thanks for all the comments and support, I was truly and pleasantly surprised at all the male commentary. Who would have thought that men cared or noticed a woman’s crowning glory? Maybe it’s just that I’ve worked in a male dominated industry for so long that I’m considered “one of the guys” but even they noticed and had nice things to say!

I’m hoping this cut is the start of several changes. I went with Karen (today’s her birthday!) after getting my curls clipped and shopped for a new outfit to wear to Wendi’s (Donna’s only daughter) upcoming wedding. I knew that I need to lose some weight, but when I posed in front of those dressing room triple mirrors (you women know the ones!),
I swear I looked like a female sausage! Damn, do I really look like that or were those mirrors designed by the Devil himself! When the hell did I turn into Miss Piggy?

Looks like I’ve got to get off my abundant arse and motivate myself to sweat off a few pounds plus lay off the pasta and bread. Damn, I hate dieting but it seems that I have no other choice. I’ve got about 6 weeks to get in better shape before the event so I have a deadline to shoot for. Wish me luck.

PS: How'd ya like the new tag thingie that I snatched from apositivepessimist? If you didn't notice it, roll your mouse over one of the words underlined with dots and see what happens. Took me a bit to figure out the coding but by Goddess I did it all by myself! I'd stick out my chest in pride but it sticks out too far alreadyl

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