Saturday, January 27, 2007


It seems that Hollywood has taken a liking to my little part of Northern Alabama. First they made the movie "The Adventures of Huck Finn" in historic Mooresville right down the road from me and now I find out that the new release "Constellation" was filmed in Huntsville aka "The Rocket City".

I googled "movies made in Alabama" and was shocked at how long the list was! (the list is not complete, I couldn't find a complete list) Alabama is considered one of the most backward states in the country, who would have thunk that the movie industry loved us that much! I knew we had lots of stars born here: Kate Jackson (Charlie's Angels), Courteney Cox (Friends, Dirt), George Lindsey & George Lindsey (both from Gomer Pyle), Paula Poundstone (comedian) and Lucas Black to name just a few.

We've always been know for our music industry (Alabama Music Hall of Fame) and the huge number of our native musicians but many famous people were born and raised in Alabama and many famous people call Alabama their home today. This includes actors, athletes, authors, politicians and entertainers. These include the great boxer, Joe Louis who was born in Lexington and the infamous singer Nat King Cole, a native of Montgomery. Carl Lewis and Jesse Owens, both famous athletes were also born in Alabama.

After playing with Google for a bit I'm more proud of my home state than I've ever been! Too bad I wasn't one of her rich & famous daughters ..............

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