Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I've found the most wonderful site! It's BOOK MOOCH, where you give away and recieve books from all over the world.

It costs nothing to join and the only out of pocket expense is shipping, but there's a 5:1 ratio: you have to send out at least 1 book for every 5 you receive. The system works off of a point system:

Action ~ Points
Add a book to inventory ~ + 1/10th
Remove a book from your inventory ~ - 1/10th
Give away book (within your country) ~ + 1
Give away book (to another country) ~ + 3
Mooch a book (within your country) ~ - 1
Mooch a book (from another country) ~ - 2
Acknowledge receiving a book you mooched ~ + 1/10th

You search for a book you want by title or topic, and if it's not available you can make a wish list and the site will you know when your requested books become available. You can also donate your points to a charity so that someone needy can recieve a book.

If you love to read the way I do this can save some money, plus maybe introduce us to new authors.

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