Monday, February 19, 2007


Hey folks, it's the year of the FIRE PIG . From what all I've read so far it sounds like Fire Pig years have been fraught with incidents: wars, political takeovers, enormous unrest. Wonderful, as if the world have been filled with peace and harmony so far {blogged in a deadly sarcastic voice}.

According to another site, the Annual Forecast for 2007: Year of the Ding Hai - Yin Red Fire Pig - which says in part:

The year symbolises the element Fire sitting over Water. Both these elements are direct opposites and with their clashing relationship, cannot co-exist. This clash of elements will mean frequent international conflicts and serious internal struggles. Civil unrest will lead to uprisings and civil war will break out in several countries, leading to overthrowing of governments. The Female Fire will be quite devastating. Many states will be preoccupied with border disputes, provincial clashes, cross country terrorism and disintegration of existing territories...............

There will be many disasters pertaining to fire and water : fire disasters,volcanic eruptions, wild forest fires, fire arm explosions, bomb attacks, even possible nuclear threats; earthquakes, avalanches, heavy rains, torrential floods, unceasing sea winds, reflux of sea water, defeating atmospheric frosts and melancholic dampness.

There will be many cases of young men marrying older women ............ New comers and females would put on impressive performances this year. In fact, 2007 favours women, especially middle aged women.

The war and natural disasters sound right but I don't know about that last section. If you believe in such things, I was born in the year of the goat and this year is supposed to be happening for us old Nannie Goats:

The beginning of the year is not great - but don't be discouraged. Keep going - a smooth and stable fortune lies ahead. Goats born in 1967 have the best fortune of all the goats this year - it will be a particularly happy year. Male Goats may be under a lot work and family pressure. Female Goats will enjoy a more successful year. If you're an unmarried female Goat, this is an exceptionally great year for romance - your love relationships will be sweet and affectionate.

Yeah, right. "Exceptionally great year for romance " my left foot {or hoof if you please}. I don't remember there being any great demand for plump opinionated over-50 females lately but then again what do I know?


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Secrets said...

Thanks for the laugh. Who knows maybe plumb over 50 year olds will become fashionable.