Friday, February 09, 2007


I went to read my email tonight and was pleasantly surprised to find this lovely note:

Found your blog by accident------love your attitude to life. I work in a warehouse with lots of women who spend all their spare time reading crap about celebrities who they envy and don`t realise that they as hard working good women should live their lives instead of wishing they were someone else in a magazine who is basically a high class prostitute. I intend to show them your blog and tell them (that's how you live life) now get on with it, get off your diet, have fun,and be proud-----if your boy friends don`t think you`re thin enough then get rid of them.


Mike, thank you sooooooo much for the sweet words! While I realize that I'm not totally repulsive, I'd like to lose a few pounds for myself (both for health reasons and my own self-esteem) but it's nice to know that there are wonderful men (like you) out there who appreciate a woman for herself. Don't worry, I plan to enjoy life to it's fullest, but perhaps cut out a donut or two and maybe dance naked around the house a bit more.

It's sad that your female coworkers yearn to be someone else instead of themselves, there's so much more to life. One thing about it, no one has ever accused me of being anything but my own individual self, sometimes too much so! I've always had a habit of doing whatever I want, regardless of if it's socially acceptable or not, and to hell with anyone who doesn't like it.

Once again, thanks for the words of support. You know, you can always join our little band of commenters, I'd love to hear from you on a regular basis!

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anonymous jones said...

People are going to want to know if Mike is married!