Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The reason I haven’t been posting anything but news tidbits and such lately is because I’ve been fighting a nasty head cold ever since Friday. I must look as bad as I feel because the guys here are work are following me around, spraying down everything I touch with Lysol so I won’t contaminate the crew and make everyone else sick.

I can’t complain though. Tina has already posted about being housebound by the flu and our youngest sister Lana has been in the hospital ever since last Friday with the flu, bilateral pneumonia, bronchitis and a sinus infection. All this and Wendi’s wedding is this coming Saturday. "When it rains it pours" as the old saying goes.

Tis the season, I guess. I had a flu shot last fall, which may be why I only have a head cold while everyone else is being laid low by the sure ‘nough, real deal flu complete with raging fevers and body aches. I’m not running a fever or anything, just congested and headachy. The worst of it is when I try to sleep, it feels like my head fills up with concrete and there’s a steady nasal drip that driving me nuts (lovely visual ain't it).

The only thing that seems to help is Triaminicin and you can only get that at Walgreen’s (who bought the patent), where they make you do everything but sign away the rights to your first born before they’ll hand over a box of those wonderful yellow pills. The damn druggies have ruined it for us normal folks who just want to get well and get on with our lives.

Maybe I’ll be well in time for the wedding, I sure hope so at least. Ya’ll take care of yourselves. I read on the net that one of the most common places to pick up viruses and germs is the handle of a shopping cart and after seeing all the sick folks shopping for over-the-counter remedies I can believe it. So wash your hands a lot and invest in some liquid hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes and use it as soon as you get in the car. Better to be safe than sorry.

PS: For a little entertainment so visit Cletus, Elroy & Bubba over at the Compleat Redneck blog and read about the RedNeck Hill Climb

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