Saturday, February 17, 2007


OK, I know I live out in the sticks. Moulton has a grand population of 3,220 at last count, not exactly what you would call a thriving metropolis. Although we have a ton of fast food places and a couple of decent steak houses the only ethnic restaurant choices we have are 1 Mexican and 1 Chinese. Decatur, the nearest decent sized town, just has a larger number of the same choices.

I'm a better than decent cook, I can knock out everything from Southern comfort food to authentic Italian to some things that just won't fit into any category and get raves from the folks who sit down at the table. But ...... the reason for this post is that although I love cooking and ethnic cuisine, I have to know what flavor I'm striving for in a dish. How do you know when you got "it" if you don't know just exactly what "it" is?

Now lately, it seems that every where I look people are blogging about making Chicken Korma, which sounds lovely but I have no way of sampling it without whipping up a batch at home {hard to do when you have no idea what the finished dish should taste like}. I've done several searches and found lots of recipes but they're all different; some calling for coconut milk, some not, some with almonds others with cashews. Even the spices in the recipes differ. I need help!

So I'm appealing to all my blog-buddies out there. Help a country girl out and pass on a few hints. Where should I start to cook up this so-called tasty Indian dish that others are raving about. Anyone got a recipe you'd like to share?

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anonymous jones said...

I'd share with you my secret recipe for tofu lasagne if I didn't think you'd kill yourself laughing before you ever got to eat it!