Monday, February 19, 2007


I don't recommend a movie very often but I just have to pass on a must see; the free online documentary, Racehoss. showing on America Free TV's Indi channel. UPDATE: I found the offical site for the movie and where you can buy the DVD (the DVD and the book it's based on are also on Amazon) where you can watch the movie, I don't know if it comes in any better or not but worth a try if you have trouble viewing it on America Free TV.

Born in 1930 in Texas of mixed race, his Mama a prostitute, his childhood full of abuse, problems with the Klan, and a 30-year prison sentence at Retrieve (a plantation-style prison known as “the burnin’ hell”). Sample is a born story teller and his story is one worth telling. You gotta go and see it to believe he could survive and come out alive.

You can't make up shit like this; it's the true life story of Albert Race Sample told by himself. This story will bring you to tears and make you laugh at the same time, Mr. Sample talks the way most people wish they could write, and the fact that it's all true makes it even better.

Warning: lots of cussing and racial slurs but the story wouldn't be the truth without them.

Racehoss, Big Emma's Bog-the book

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