Sunday, August 07, 2005


How do you throw away a garbage can? This pitiful looking excuse for a 30 gallon container is made of plastic and has been beaten and banged until it's as limp as the proverbial dish rag. The can is broken and cracked so bad that you can actually see through the sides. The can won't even sit upright because when you turn loose of it's handle the poor thing just sighs and collapses onto the ground like a Southern Belle fainting in Gone With The Wind.

But the garbage collectors (sorry guys, Sanitation Engineers, must be PC) keep putting the can back on the curb. Can't they see the can is beyond use and needs to join it's former contents at the landfill? I tried putting a note on the can, but they took the note and left the ruined garbage can!!

Do I take the can for a ride and drop it on the side of the road the way people keep dropping dogs around my house? (BTW-there's been 3 new dogs show up in the last 3 weeks!) Is there a home for unwanted garbage cans? Maybe I could find a garbage bag big enough to enclose the can, because the sanitation Engineers will pick up anything that's in a bag.

Damn the burn ban, I'm fixing to cremate the can on my pile of fallen tree limbs!!

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