Sunday, August 07, 2005


Tonight the History Channel is showing their special "Ape to Man-The Evolution of Evolution" at 9/8C. I've been waiting to see this show ever since I first saw it advertised.

Lately evolution has been back in the news with Bush taking the side of intelligent design (the Religious Right carries a lot of votes you know). It seems that the separation of state and religion that is touted in the US Constitution does not extend to the school system. Although this battle was fought in the Scopes "Monkey" Trial and make famous in the movie "Inherit The Wind" it appears we're going to have a rematch between those opposing views.

No matter if you believe in evolution, "intelligent design" , or if you disagree with both, I think the show will be both informative and thought provoking. Only the most closed minded of fools refuse to look at the opposition weapons in this war of theories and beliefs. Lets hope that words are the only thing thrown around. People have been known to get killed (abortion clinic bombings, shooting of doctors) for for standing up to the fanatics of religion.

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