Friday, June 17, 2005


I can't believe it. Here's my local newspaper headline - Proposed Southern Baptist resolution wants churches to watch out for 'agenda'. This means that they want the right to investigate our public schools, accusing the system of allowing a homosexual "agenda". Here is the actual online site = r2005 SBC EDUCATION RESOLUTION-GET THE KIDS OUT.

Check out these quotes. "education is primarily a religious exercise " and "Jesus taught that any individual who teaches children contrary to faith in Christ, it would have been better to let them drown with a millstone around their neck".

I always thought that school was for education. You know, reading, writing, arithmetic. My parents were the ones who were responsible for my moral upbringing and church attendance. Who gave these self-righeous yahoos the right to dictate what our children are taught in class. Hell, they don't even believe in pure science. Evolution, anyone?

What would happen if the Muslims wanted the same right to inspect and pronounce sentence on our schools? Or the Catholics? The Jews? These holy-than-thou bigots would scream bloody murder!!

Why is it that in a country where we are supposedly free we have people trying to force us to live by someone else's tenets? Our forefathers came here to get away for having someone else's religion dictated to them. The so-called Christian Right wants us to sacrifice our freedoms to the close-minded and selfish views of their particular faith. History has seen it before.

All terrorists start out as religious fanatics. For years religious people have bombed clinics and it gets worse every day. Countless women, doctors, nurses, and even innocent bystanders have died in the name of some misguided "Christian" who knew better than anyone else. Now they want our kids. Get 'em while they're young and you can train them the way you want.

I have nothing against private schools. If you're afraid your child might get "unclean" thoughts or sexual "cooties" from my kid then by all means send him to your private brain-washing camp. Just leave my kid and his school alone. I prefer education over religious indoctrination any day. Someday that young'un will have to get a job and being able to recite chapter and verse of the Bible will not get him far in the real world.

I have my own spiritual beliefs, I don't need you to force me to my knees and make me pray to your deity, thank you very much. A person should be allowed to make up their own mind about religion and lifestyle. Rant finished. I'm getting pissed off and that's not good.

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