Monday, June 20, 2005


I’ve had a really good weekend! When I finally got an off day I actually got 3 in a row and you better believe that I made the best of them. I didn’t do anything that needed doing, but I did manage to do a whole lot of goofing off and socializing.

Friday after I got home from work at 7 AM and took a nap I went fishing with Theresa. Although we didn’t catch Moby Dick and the bass weren’t hitting, we did have fun catching a beginner’s tan and dozens of small bream and perch. We decided that quantity was better than quality as we didn’t plan to keep any of them anyway. Then it was back to her house for grilled chicken kabobs, bruschetta and a couple of bottles of wine. Afterward we watched a movie and drank a few beers before I went home and passed out.

Saturday was girls’ day out with Lana and Karen. We spent the day shopping, wandering around a car show where one of my friends had entered his car, eating, and going to see Mr. And Mrs. Smith. The company was excellent, the car show was fun, the food was OK and the movie was predictable. It would have been better if all the best parts hadn’t already been shown in the movie trailer. Got home late again.

Sunday Chane, Drennon, Teresa, Randy, Quin, Tina, Britney, Bradley, Bradley’s girlfriend whose name I’ve forgotten (hangs head in shame) and I all loaded up and spent the day at the river. The plant that I work at has a private park on the Tennessee River for the employees. Bradley lost his keys and took 2 hours to finally figure out that he laid them in his console. Except for that everything went wonderfully. No one got hurt, mad or more than mildly sunburned, which is major for our bunch. We usually have a trip to the emergency room or have to break up a scuffle. Too much sun, too many hotdogs, too much junk food and in a few cases a few too many beers later we loaded up the vehicles and wagon trained home so we could keep an eye on each other in case someone did a little too much weaving between the yellow lines. Threw all the wet towels and bathing suits in the laundry, took a long shower and crawled into bed a happy exhausted Junebugg.

Today it’s back to work, but I feel rested and relaxed for a change. I’ve got a week off starting next Monday and I’m already making plans.